Cidade natal:Prissyville
Sobre mim:HI- I'm Michelle. Starting at a very young age I would dress in lingerie, skirts, dresses, panties, stockings all things fem. I would play with dolls and all girl things. My mother was concerned after a few doctors visits and testing it was determined that I have more female hormones then male and should have been born a girl.I think, act, walk,and talk, as a female. My mom raised me as who and what I am. Mom was a single young mom worked as a waitress at night. We lived in a small mobile home in a low class trailer park. Money was hard to come by but we paid most of the rent in other ways.

When going to school I would always wear fem things under my boy clothes, Started with panties then stockings, garter-belts, slips, bras, teddy's. I would always have a skirt, shoes, makeup wig, etc in my book bag.I would change after school for the walk home. Most of the time meeting the boys in the woods to service them. The first time I felt a cock on my lips and cum slide down my throat I knew I was female.
vire Ons:Being used, abused, degraded, CUM, strangers, BBC, being soaked, Fashion, Petticoat all things fem, and much more
por sua vez Offs:Scat
Interessado em:Rapazes
Passatempo:chat, sharing adventures, making friends
filmes favoritos e programas de TV:Cross-dressers, Transgender, transvestites, cum, BDSM, sissy, abuse, and a lot more
Música favorita:A COCK
Livro favorito:Have a real "G" spot about 6" inside right under my clitlit