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First Date With A Man

I have been dressing since I was 12. Like a lot of young boys I became fasinated with womens underwear about the time I discovered self gratification. Shortly after my first experiences of jacking off with my mothers underwear I discovered a large box of clothing behind a neighbors house.

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Mais Tarde Naquela Noite

Much later that night…. I was very tired when I returned to my motel room. Playing with Vince and his cute friend had left me hot, sweaty, and sticky with their cum.

I ran a hot bubble bath and shed my clothes. The water and the sweet smelling bubbles felt wonderful. I soaked for at least 40... Click to Read More

Three Is Not A Crowd

I had just returned from one of my favorite hobbies, giving truck drivers and guys on street corners a thrill. My short black leather skirt barley covered the tops of my stockings when I was standing. When I sat down nothing was left to the imagination. Any one who could look down through my car... Click to Read More

A HO HO HO'S Christmas

Christmas eve was just not turning out right. I was all dressed up with no where to go. I had spent weeks putting together my outfit. It was a beautiful green velvet skirt with a side slit, a matching green corset top, and green bra, panties garters, and black silk stockings. I had cute peep toe... Click to Read More

Theater Girls

I did it more as a dare than anything else. I had known Linda for years and we had become great girl friends. I tend to be cautious when I plan an outing "en Femme". So, when she suggested we meet and go to an adult bookstore I was a little surprised. I knew she loved meeting men, and loved all kinds of... Click to Read More

Minha Primeira Experiência

My first experience was as a story, I had 14 when I was 5 years I like to dress with clothes from my mother, and when growth was with my sister, cherishes and heeled shoes and makeup, stockings and bras , I also liked the feel of the towel between my legs, I felt well-dressed girl.

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Bowling Green

I have always enjoyed travel. Since my marriage had gone soar I thought a job on the road would be perfect for me. Little did I know that it would lead to a new life style and adventures beyond my wildest dreams

It all started with an unfortunate early morning accident on the highway just... Click to Read More

O Carteiro Entregue Ch. 05

Neither Rain or Snow or Sleet at Night...The Postman Delivered...

Before leaving the car, Abby told me to stay where I was. She didn't want me to ruin the fun. Beth remained in the car with me and tried to coach me.

"Try not to talk much. It will give you away. We are going to... Click to Read More

The Postman Delivered Ch. 04

Neither Rain or Snow or Sleet at Night...The Postman Delivered...

When Abby and Beth finished showering, a entirely different story Abby will have to write, they started to prepare themselves for the afternoon shopping spree. They are about the same size and Abby had a few provocative... Click to Read More

O Carteiro Entregou Ch. 03

Neither Rain or Snow or Sleet at Night...The Postman Delivered...

I nodded my head, yes. After that kiss I would have done anything she wanted. It wouldn't have mattered that she had me in a bind. Dressed as a woman, wearing her make up, and sitting on the foot of the bed, i waited her... Click to Read More

O Carteiro Entregou Ch. 01

Neither Rain or Snow or Sleet at Night...The Postman Delivered...

The day started out all wrong. We had just had three days of 70+ degree weather. I had taken the day off to go golfing, but the rain put a quick end to that. So my wife, Abby, and I started cleaning out the basement. As... Click to Read More

Em Casa Com Minha Data

........ I went over and sat on the sofa next to him. He put his arm around me and I snuggled up against his chest. I looked up at him and he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth a little and his tongue immediately took advantage of the opening. We shared a long,... Click to Read More